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  1. Tier II Right-to-Know Form
    In October of 1986, the Federal Government enacted the “Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act” under SARA Title III. The formation of SARA Title III, a complex federal law with a simple purpose to protect lives and property by enabling all segments of the community to have access to timely detailed information about hazardous material in their community and use that information to plan for potential chemical emergencies. These efforts lead to the formation of the Department’s “Right-to-Know” Section. RTK currently maintains records in a data base known as the “Tier II” data base. Tier II is a comprehensive information system containing specific data regarding both the presence and location of hazardous materials in Louisiana. Act 435 of the 1985 legislative session established the RTK laws whereby owners and operators are responsible for filing inventory forms for all hazardous materials manufactured, used, or stored at their facilities and for immediately reporting releases of certain hazardous materials in certain reportable quantities to the Local Emergency Planning Committee.
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