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1. What can be done about student parties and related parking problems in our neighborhoods?
2. How does single family zoning affect my property?
3. What happens when residential single family dwelling violations are shown to exist by Permit and Inspections Division of the Department of Public Works?
4. No owner is in residence in the duplex next to me. It is owned by a realtor. How does this conform to a “non-profit” basis described in single family zoning?
5. Can a property that has been out of compliance for many years be “grandfathered” in and considered to be in compliance?
6. Are there consequences to the property owner when issues occur with their tenants and/or property?
7. Who is responsible for enforcing the Single Family zoning restrictions in neighborhoods?
8. Are rent houses businesses? Businesses are not allowed in A1 Zoning Districts. Could the laws be changed or strengthened to make these houses businesses officially?