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1. Where is the Department of Juvenile Services located?
2. Where is the Juvenile Detention Center located?
3. Does the Department of Juvenile Services provide transportation to court or services?
4. How do I contact my child’s probation officer?
5. Can the Department of Juvenile Services perform courtesy supervision on juveniles not under the supervision of the Department of Juvenile Services?
6. How long will my child stay on Probation?
7. What can you do with a child that keeps running away from home or does not follow my rules?
8. My child does not listen — can I bring my child to the Detention Center?
9. Will my child receive school credits and receive an excuse for not attending regular school while in detention?
10. Can the Department speak to juveniles in school who are having problems?
11. Does the Juvenile Detention Center provide group tours of the facility to youth and community groups?