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1. Why should my property be part of ConnectBlue BR?
2. What are ConnectBlue BR's foundational values?
3. What is the difference between ConnectBlue BR Directory and ConnectBlue BR Camera-Share?
4. Can I use my existing camera system as part of ConnectBlue BR?
5. How much does it cost for my property to be part of ConnectBlue BR?
6. Will my privacy be maintained if I join ConnectBlue BR?
7. Will my property have ConnectBlue BR signage? Is it mandatory?
8. What are my responsibilities to be part of ConnectBlue BR?
9. Does the initiative require internet connection?
10. What is the ideal lighting/placement for my camera system?
11. If an incident happens on my property do I still have to call 9-1-1?
12. How do I get started?