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Individual Training Account Enrollment Agreement


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  • Step One

    1. Carefully read this document. Put your initials on each space after reading each paragraph, then sign and date at the end. If you have any questions please ask your Career Consultant.
    2. Print Your Name
    3. Hereinafter called Member, for the purpose of providing WIOA financial assistance for skill training to member under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA).
    4. Receipt of this form does not guarantee funding.
      All training services provided must be approved by Employ BR and in accordance with federal/state requirements and guidelines. Training costs cannot exceed the allotted amount, inclusive of all costs. All costs for training services expended through Employ BR are based on availability of federal funds.
    5. Member Conditions
    6. 1. Automatic Termination
      Should a member begin training before receiving a signed Training Authorization and Individual Training Account (ITA) from the Career Consultant, that member’s application will be automatically determined ineligible and the member will be responsible for all training expenses.
    7. Members participating in a four year college curriculum must provide documentation of a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater and attainment of degree within two (2) years.
    8. To receive WIOA assistance, the member must maintain attendance based on the schedule and hours determined necessary by the training provider to accommodate the training activity. Each member must do everything possible to successfully complete the certificate or degree requirements in the required period of time. Should this not occur, the Career Consultant may, at his/her discretion, choose to counsel and/or terminate member from the training services.

      Each member must provide a detailed copy of their training schedule to the Career Consultant before the start of each semester/training activity. Failure to comply may result in termination from the training program, pending Administrative approval.
    9. To continue financial assistance, each member is expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and adhere to the rules and regulations of the training facility. Should a member receive a negative performance review (i.e., GPA less than a 2.0, minimal attendance), funding will be suspended until the course is successful completed.
    10. Member may be placed on probation by Employ BR for a period not less than one semester for attendance problems, academic reasons, attitude problems, or lack of progress. The member may be terminated from receiving funding at the end of 180 days from the date placed on probation if problems have not been resolved. Members may be terminated for failure to cooperate with their Career Consultant concerning submission of required documents, or for refusal to participate in required remedial classes for upgrading basic skills or making good faith effort to meet performance. Employ BR reserves the right to refuse future services to any member who is terminated in this fashion.
    11. Member must have approval from their Career Consultant before a leave of absence may be granted. No WIOA Service shall be provided to the member as a result of a leave of absence. Failure to have prior approval from Employ BR can result in termination of funding and member would not be eligible for services for at least one calendar year. If the member is in an inactive status they may be required to turn in course materials, tools, uniforms, etc. until the authorized leave ends.
    12. C. Requirements
    13. Submit grades at the end of each semester to Career Consultant
    14. Each member must agree to submit documents as required and to have monthly contact with their Career Consultant for the purpose of collecting current information on grades, progress in training or job search and to address any problems that may exist. Contact can be made via phone, email, or visit to Employ BR. Any member who does not maintain monthly communication with their Career Consultant will be recommended for termination from the training program, pending Administrative approval.
    15. 6. Completion of Training
    16. A. Member must submit a copy of certificate and license (if applicable) to their Career Consultant. Failure to submit documents will result in non-payment of fees.
    17. B. Upon completion, member must pursue attainment of all requirements necessary to seek employment related to training, including attainment of any certification/license requirements.
    18. C. Member, if not employed upon completion of training, must work with Career Consultant to seek employment in the field for which training was received.
    19. 7. Job Search
      Job search is the member’s responsibility, but assistance is easily available through Employ BR, which has the necessary tools available to conduct a job search.
    20. Member, if employed upon completion of training, must submit employment information to the Career Consultant within ninety (90) days. This information includes: employment date, company name, address and telephone number, job title, wage, weekly hours and supervisor’s name, as required by the federal government.