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Individual Service Strategy

  1. I. Education / Training
  2. Did you complete high school or get a GED?
  3. Have you received any post-high school education or training?
  4. Did you complete?
  5. Are you currently attending any school, training, or educational classes?
  6. II. Skills / Experience
  7. Do your skills/experience qualify you for employment at an adequate wage?
  8. Do you have a disability or personal circumstance that will prevent you from returning to a previously held occupation?
  9. Do you have experience and skills that are not marketable in the current labor market?
  10. Do you possess good job search skills such as interviewing, completing applications, resume writing, etc.?
  11. Have you encountered problems with supervisors/co-workers in the past?
  12. Have personal problems unrelated to the job interfered with employment in the past?
  13. Have you ever been fired?
  14. III. Employment History
    Please begin with current or most recent employer.
  15. IV. Job Goals
  16. Employment Challenges
    Check all that apply
  17. V. Occupational Preference
    Check all that apply.
  18. I like working with data and information. This includes factual information, numbers, specifications, research or data based information, codes, measurements, etc.
    Examples of this type of job may include accountant, bookkeeper, credit reporter, purchaser, claim adjuster, economist, etc.
  19. I like working with people. This includes working directly with people or helping people.
    Examples of this type of job may include social worker, teacher, nurse, policeman, waitress, receptionist, etc.
  20. I like working with things. This includes working with machinery, office equipment, shovels, tools trucks, etc.
    Examples of this type of job may include construction trades, air conditioning and heating technicians, auto mechanics, auto body repairers, electricians, welders, truck drivers, computer repairers, machinists, general labors, etc.
  21. VI. Supportive Service Needs Checklist
    Check any issues listed below for which you have a need at this time.
  22. Health
  23. Housing
  24. Legal
  25. Family
  26. Transportation
    (Need for reliable transportation)
  27. Completed by Career Center Staff Only
  28. VII. Action Plan
  29. Other Referrals
  30. Business Service Team
  31. Assessments
  32. Leave This Blank: