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Fire Safety and Prevention Classes

  1. Fire Safety and Prevention Classes
    The Baton Rouge Fire Department has been delivering fire safety and prevention classes to the citizens of Baton Rouge for over 20 years. Due to the high percentage of children and elderly involved in fires in recent years, we have placed more emphasis on educating them on safety and prevention. Safety and prevention classes that are offered by the Baton Rouge Fire Department include:
  2. For All Ages
    - Fire Drills
    - Fire Safety Classes
    - Fire Safety House
  3. For Children
    - Patches the Fire Dog
    - Fire Station Tours
    - Fire Truck Visits
  4. For Adults
    - Evacuation / Planning Classes
    - Fire Extinguisher Classes
  5. Schedule
    To schedule any of the above classes, provide the following information in the form below and someone will contact you to confirm availability. If you prefer, you can contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 225-354-1431.
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  10. I understand the Patches demonstration is for educational purposes only, and does not serve as an entertainment show during non-educational environments. *
  11. I understand the robot or Fire Safety House will not be brought to venues when there is greater than a 40% chance of rain, it is actively raining at the location, or if it is raining at the Fire Department headquarters. *
  12. I understand the individually assigned Inspectors schedule their own education classes and we will do our best to comply with your requested date and time, but may need to be adjusted to conform with prior scheduled events and unit availability.*
  13. A Fire Inspector will contact you to confirm your date and time is available. Forms must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the date of request. Dates with less than 14 days will result in limited availability restrictions.
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