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Emergency Medical Services

  1. EMS Explorer Post Application
  2. Feedback and Review
  3. Radio Shop Quote Form
  4. Request Employment Information

    If you would like more information about working for Baton Rouge EMS, fill out this short questionnaire. A Public Information... More…

  1. Event Request Form
  2. Part-time employment inquiry

    Contact form for part-time employment

  3. Radio Shop Service Request Form

Information Services


    This office provides support for enterprise systems, local systems, local area networks, and the City-Parish’s wide area network. In... More…

  1. Test Form III

Metropolitan Council

  1. Public Comments on Metro Council Agenda Items

    Due to the COVID-19 ban on groups of 10 or more, including public meetings, we are asking that the public use this form to comment on... More…


  1. Taxicab and Vehicles For Hire

    Customer feedback