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Emergency Medical Services

  1. Event Request Form
  2. Part-time employment inquiry

    Contact form for part-time employment

  3. Request Employment Information

    If you would like more information about working for Baton Rouge EMS, fill out this short questionnaire. A Public Information... More…

  1. Feedback and Review

    For each question, please rate if you were- Very Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, Not Applicable, Satisfied, or Very satisfied. *Required

  2. ProQA Feedback

    Please use this form to submit feedback about the ProQA Dispatch system. The Dispatch Steering Committee will review the information... More…

Information Services


    This office provides support for enterprise systems, local systems, local area networks, and the City-Parish’s wide area network. In... More…

Mayor President Office

  1. 15 Minutes With the Mayor-President
  2. Letter of Welcome Requests
  3. Mayor's Youth Workforce Experience Application SUMMER INTERNSHIP 2020
  4. Mayor's Youth Workforce Summer 2023 Interest Form
  5. Proclamation/Certificate Request Form
  1. Creating Sustainable Neighborhood Developers Program Interest Form

    The EDA University Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Development is housed in the Southern University and A&M College, College of... More…

  2. Mayor's Event Participation Form
  3. Mayor's Youth Workforce Experience Application SUMMER INTERNSHIP 2021
  4. MYWE Business Engagement Interest Form
  5. Speaking Engagement Form


  1. Department Communicator Submission Form

    Use the following form to submit news and information to the Public Information Office.

  2. Misappropriations Reporting Form

    In accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 24:523, the City-Parish of East Baton Rouge is required to notify both the East Baton... More…

  1. Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey

    This survey will be used to assist the Purchasing Department in determining the strengths and weaknesses in the Procurement Processes.... More…

  2. Purchasing - Request for Training Form

    Please complete this form if you would like to request a Purchasing and Contracts training session.

Metropolitan Council

  1. Public Comments on Metro Council Agenda Items

    The Metropolitan Council is accepting electronically submitted comments on agenda items for the Metropolitan Council and Metropolitan... More…


  1. Taxicab and Vehicles For Hire

    Customer feedback