When will I be called for an interview?

If you are considered for a position, the hiring department will contact you for an interview.

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1. When are new job openings posted?
2. I am not a City-Parish employee, how do I view public job openings?
3. How do current City-Parish employees view job openings?
4. What is the deadline to apply for job openings?
5. There are multiple job openings for the same position, do I have to apply for each position?
6. Will I receive written exam results?
7. Am I required to re-take written exams?
8. How do I apply for Reemployment?
9. How do I submit eligibility requests for Special Assignment or Substitute Appointment Pay?
10. How do I request a Review Letter?
11. Are Criminal Record Checks part of the application process?
12. What kind of employee benefits are offered to City-Parish employees?
13. How do I apply for a job?
14. How can I get on a transfer list?
15. How do I update my application?
16. When will I be called for an interview?
17. Where can I get a copy of all job specifications on the Metronet/Internet?
18. How do I verify employment?
19. How do I file a grievance?
20. How do I reach Fire and Police Civil Service?
21. How do I reach State Civil Service?
22. How do I reach Job Services?
23. Can you apply for any job at any time?
24. Do I have to complete an application to apply for a job?
25. Are original education, certification and similar documents required when I apply for a job?
26. What are your testing days?