What agencies and programs are located in the Jewel J. Newman Community Center?

The following agencies and programs are located in the center:

  • Metro Councilwoman Chauna Banks District 2 at 225-389-8331 or 225-389-4699
  • Office of Social Services provides services for Energy Assistance, Emergency Assistance, TANF Program, LLATP Program, FEMA Program, CSBG, Grant Program, Income Tax and Commodities) for available funds and qualifications call 225-778-1007 or 225-778-0969
  • Comprehensive Health and Social Services provides the following services:
    • Elderly Affairs, a program designed for citizens over the age of 60 with emphasis placed on Health Screening to eligible clients.
    • The Homemaker Program provides one hour of light housekeeping duties, one day per week.
    • Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Program provides non-residential prevention and diversion services to youth and the community through educational training in delinquency prevention and substance abuse.
    • Transportation provided for enrolled participants from area schools.
    • Emergency Food Pantry applications are taken Monday through Wednesday and Friday of each week from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Food is issued on Thursday at 1:30 p.m.
    • Summer Day Camp: call 225-775-3935 for more information.

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2. What agencies and programs are located in the Jewel J. Newman Community Center?
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