How can I protect my property value? I own my home.

You can diligently report neighborhood violations to the 3-1-1 Call Center. These might include yards with at least 51% of the grass over 12 inches high, or junk, trash or debris in the yard or carport. Junk cars may be reported to the police at 389-2000 or the Sheriff’s Office at 225-389-5000. Keeping the neighborhood looking nice helps keep values up.

Neighborhoods around the country have successfully dealt with an array of problems and have done so by organizing strong neighborhood associations. Associations can work toward common goals, speak with a unified, stronger voice, organize a neighborhood watch and neighborhood communication system, keep up the appearance of the neighborhood and improve the quality of life. Statistics have shown that strong associations raise property values. To help minimize problems they may present information to city departments or elected officials on behalf of the entire neighborhood. 

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1. How can I protect my property value? I own my home.
2. I’m concerned that these big alcohol parties will turn potential buyers away from my neighborhood.