What is Electronic Filing?

Electronic filing is the transfer of tax return information and any associated payment using a modem and the internet. When you file your occupational license tax renewal using the electronic method, your paper return is replaced with an electronic file.

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1. What is Electronic Filing?
2. Who is required to file electronically?
3. Is online filing available to any business with an occupational license?
4. What happens if I lose my PIN?
5. If I file my renewal electronically, will I receive a copy for my records?
6. Can I file and pay electronically at the same time?
7. What if I want to file an occupational license return for a previous year?
8. When are returns considered late?
9. What if I have more than one business and I want to file electronically?
10. Who is responsible for paying the Occupational License Tax?
11. If more than one individual operate under 1 corporation will each person be responsible for paying the license tax?
12. When is the occupational license tax due?
13. How do I obtain forms?
14. What is the Occupational License Tax rate of penalty and interest?
15. Are businesses allowed any deductions to the Occupational License Tax basis?