What is our Mayor-President responsible for?

The Mayor-President is like the City Parish's Chief Executive Officer, setting the city's agenda, vision, and managing its day-to-day functions. The Mayor-President appoints most of the department heads, and supervises and directs the services of those departments. While he or she does not set the city's public policy (that is the job of the Metropolitan Council) the Mayor-President influences policy through relationships and appointees. The Mayor-President also prepares and submits the annual budget to the Metropolitan Council. As one of 50 mayors of state capital cities, our Mayor represents Baton Rouge throughout Louisiana, the U.S., and the international community.

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1. Why does the City of Baton Rouge use the title Mayor-President instead of Mayor?
2. Why do we use the title "Mayor-President" for our Mayor?
3. What was the purpose of consolidating the Parish and City Government?
4. What is our Mayor-President responsible for?
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