Why do we use the title "Mayor-President" for our Mayor?

The Mayor of Baton Rouge is called "Mayor-President" because she or he is Mayor of the City of Baton Rouge and President of East Baton Rouge Parish. This stems from 1947, when the people of the parish voted to consolidate the functions of local government so that the City of Baton Rouge, which was growing significantly after World War II, and the rural, unincorporated areas of the East Baton Rouge Parish, could all be served by many local government departments.

Our local government was further consolidated in 1982 when the citizens voted to join the City and Parish Councils into one governing body called the Metropolitan Council. This also meant that 12 Council Members would be elected from single-member districts.

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1. Why does the City of Baton Rouge use the title Mayor-President instead of Mayor?
2. Why do we use the title "Mayor-President" for our Mayor?
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