What is the fine for having a false alarm?

The City-Parish Ordinance governing false alarms was passed in 1986 and amended in 2012 to help reduce the large number of false alarms police must respond to (about 30,000 every year). It allows users up to three false alarms a year, with the one-year period beginning on June 1st and ending May 31st. After that, fines are assessed as follows:

  • 4th False Alarm at $25
  • 5th False Alarm at $50
  • 6th False Alarm at $75
  • 7th False Alarm at $100
  • 8th False Alarm at $125
  • 9th False Alarm at $150
  • 10th False Alarm at $175
  • 11th or More at $200

For more information on see the Alarms, False Alarms, and Alarm Permit Application page.

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