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1. Are businesses with internet sales required to collect sales tax on their sales?
2. When are sales taxes due?
3. Which date is used to determine if a return is paid on time?
4. If I do not have any sales or purchases for a certain month, do I still need to file a sales tax return?
5. To what transactions is sales tax applied?
6. What are the sales and use tax rates for all taxing jurisdictions in East Baton Rouge Parish and how are sales taxes distributed?
7. Are there any exemptions from the sales tax?
8. What is the mailing address for sales and use tax returns?
9. Which columns should be used in completing the Sales and Use Tax Report form?
10. What do I do if I owe taxes, but am unable to pay by the due date?
11. What do I do to set up arrangements to pay an outstanding tax liability?
12. How can I become a "Quarterly" filer?
13. What are local sales taxes used for?
14. What is the sales tax and occupational license tax penalty and interest rate?
15. How do I request a waiver of penalty?
16. What are the guidelines the department uses to decide whether or not to waive penalties?
17. How is a taxpayer selected for audit?