What about pet licenses, and how many pets may I keep?

When your dog or cat receives its rabies shot and gets its tag at a licensed veterinarian’s office, it becomes officially licensed in East Baton Rouge Parish. City-Parish law requires both dogs and cats to be vaccinated for rabies at the age of three months, then once a year afterwards, and to wear a rabies tag on the collar. Even if you think your full-time indoor pet will never get out, accidents can happen. The serial number on your pet’s rabies tag will trace it back to you. Be sure to save your vet’s receipt — if your pet loses its rabies tag, you will be able to prove it is up-to-date on its shots.

If you’ve just moved to East Baton Rouge Parish, you must have your pet licensed and vaccinated by a veterinarian in the parish within 30 days. Don’t worry if your pet was recently vaccinated somewhere else. The “extra” shot won’t hurt if your pet is in good health, but take your vet’s advice. Sometimes a veterinarian will advise you to postpone the rabies shot if your pet is sick, pregnant, or taking medication. Please be aware that the rabies vaccinations and tags one can purchase at feed stores does not count as a legal vaccination in East Baton Rouge Parish for dogs, cats or ferrets. These animals must be vaccinated at a licensed veterinarian’s office.

Most birds, reptiles and other small animals commonly available in pet shops require no license or permit, but some do. It is illegal to keep certain wild or exotic animals as pets in East Baton Rouge Parish. If you have an unusual pet, or if you think you might want to get one, contact Animal Control and Rescue Center to find out if your pet is allowed in East Baton Rouge Parish or if any special permits are required. This information is also available in the online copy of the ordinance. We require that a person keeping more than 12 animals over four months of age apply for and obtain a kennel permit.

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