What do I do now?

Reach out immediately to the City-Parish Floodplain and Mitigation Specialists to begin working on your mitigation plan. You are not being required to leave your home. Financial assistance may be available through grants and other assistance to elevate, relocate, retrofit, buy-out or demolish substantially damages structures. You will also be a priority group for public grants handled through the Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

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1. Why am I receiving this letter?
2. What is Substantial Damage?
3. Am I being forced to move out of my home?
4. What is mitigation?
5. What does Substantial Damage require?
6. What if I don't think I have Substantial Damage?
7. Why have other people around me rebuilt without elevating?
8. What do I do now?
9. When are all of the letters going to go out?