What is the URL for the EBRGIS website?

The EBRGIS Program homepage can be accessed at https://gis.brla.gov.

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1. Why are there duplicate records in the Property Lookup by business name search results?
2. At one point the tabular data in Open Data BR was not separated into pages. Now it is separated into pages of 100 rows each. Why was that done and is there a way to reverse it?
3. The Baton Rouge Crime Incidents dataset displays more homicides than sexual assaults. That does not seem possible.
4. What are the six open data categories?
5. Do we access Open Data BR and Open Neighborhood BR via the http://my.brla.gov URL?
6. Are STIs, including HIV and hepatitis C included in any of these datasets in any way?
7. Is there any data from Parish Health Units or local health departments available through City-Parish data portals?
8. There was recently an incident in my neighborhood that involved multiple fire trucks, but it wasn’t listed in Open Neighborhood. Who decides what incidents get listed for fire, police, etc.?
9. What is the URL for the EBRGIS website?
10. How can I access more tools in the EBRGIS site?
11. What is the "Deprecated" status for a dataset?
12. Outside of the Citizen Data Academy, is there a standing group meeting?
13. Will the 2020 Census data be made available in Open Data BR?
14. Can we use Open Data BR for finding low-income areas?