How do I report stray animals, nuisance animals, or animal cruelty situations?

Animal Control and Rescue Center's hours are listed to report stray, loose, or nuisance animals. We will need a description of the animal(s) causing the problem, a description of the problem, and your name, address and phone number so we can get back in touch with you if necessary. The owner’s name and/or address is helpful, but not required. Cruelty and neglect complaints, dog fights and cockfights can be reported anonymously, but it’s important for you to provide as much information about the problem, as possible.

If you think someone is neglecting an animal, let us know. According to law, animals must be provided with adequate food, water and shelter, adequate space, clean living conditions and basic veterinary care. “Shelter” means an actual dog house; the dog being able to duck under a porch, car, or boat doesn't count. If a dog is kept on a chain, the chain must be at least five times the length of the dog (not counting the tail) and it must be set up so the chain doesn’t get tangled on bushes, posts, etc. Animal fighting is considered cruelty to animals.

If loose animals are causing a problem in your neighborhood, simply call the Animal Control and Rescue Center at 225-774-7700. Be able to give the dog’s location and a good description. If you think you know who the dog might belong to, tell us. You must give your name when you report a loose or stray animal, and if the owner turns up, he or she has the right to ask who called about their pet.

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