How do I apply for assistance?
  1. A low-income homeowner who receives a letter from the City-Parish stating that there may be sanitary sewer line defects on the resident's property may write or call the City-Parish Office of Community Development and request an Application for Assistance. (Address is P.O. Box 1471, Baton Rouge, LA 70821; 389-3039).
  2. An appointment with the homeowner will be scheduled for an application.
  3. For the application, the property owner must be prepared to identify all amounts and sources of income to the household. Written authorization for the Office of Community Development to independently verify all information on the application will be required.
  4. Before determination of assistance, OCD will verify income and home ownership of the applicant. Applicants found to be eligible will be notified in writing. A signed certification agreeing to the terms of the assistance is required from the applicant(s).
  5. Assistance to eligible applicants is in the form of a grant. That is, there is no lien on the property nor any repayment requirement, provided that the applicant complies with all terms of the assistance.
  6. Repairs will be contracted and scheduled by the City-Parish. Homeowners will be notified prior to the start of work.
  7. Upon completion of the repairs, written notice will be provided to the homeowner.

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2. How do I apply for assistance?
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