Are businesses allowed any deductions to the Occupational License Tax basis?

The Occupational License Tax Ordinance allows for deductions from gross income only in specific cases:

  • An exclusion is allowed for the price paid for gasoline and motor fuels or lubricating oils that equal the excise tax levied by federal and state statutes.
  • A deduction for undertakers and funeral directors who collect payments on behalf of other undertakers and funeral directors.
  • Gross receipts of advertising agencies shall not include funds used to purchase media time/space on behalf of clients.
  • Retailers that hold valid Class A or Class B wine and liquor permits shall be entitled to a 20% deduction of gross sales and receipts in determining the amount of taxable gross income.
  • Professionals are allowed to deduct fees paid to other licensed professionals.
  • A deduction for commission brokers that purchase stocks (the deduction is 40% of purchases) or commodities (the deduction is 55% of purchases) on exchanges located outside the state of Louisiana.
  • A 2/3 deduction from gross sales is allowed for nursing homes.

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