How is my Sewer User Fee calculated?

The Sewer User Fee is recalculated in July of each year and is based on the customer’s average water consumption during the months of October, November, and December of the prior year and February, March, and April of the current year. Each July, residents are mailed notices explaining how the fee is computed. Approximately 93% of our customers are billed by Baton Rouge Water Company. For these customers, the Sewer User Fee is calculated by computing the average water consumption in 100 cubic feet (CCF).  An example of the sewer user fee for customers billed by Baton Rouge Water Company is as follows:

PeriodWater Consumption Billed
October 20229.0 CCF
November 20228.5 CCF
December 20227.5 CCF
February 20238.0 CCF
March 202310.0 CCF
April 202310.4 CCF
Average (53.4/6 months)8.9 CCF

The minimum charge for the first 400 cubic feet of average water consumption is $27.52.  Also, there is a charge of $4.79 for each additional 100 cubic feet of average water consumption.  Based on the average consumption of 8.9 CCF, the Sewer User Fee is $50.99 (based on 1/1/2023 effective rates).


Sewer user fee $50.99  =  ((8.9 CCF-4.0 CCF) x $4.79) + $27.52

For new residential customers, the Sewer User Fee is based on the average water consumption of 8.9 CCF. Adjustments are made after three full months of water consumption is available. A credit is issued to customers with water consumption below the average and the monthly Sewer User Fee is adjusted.

For existing residential customers, adjustments to the Sewer User Fee can be made if the average water consumption for the most recent six months is lower than the consumption being billed. Customers may call the Service Fee Business Office at 225-389-5378 to request a review of their account or send an email to


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