Are there any exemptions from the sales tax?

The Sales and Use Tax Ordinance and state law exempts or excludes certain transactions from sales and use tax. Specific information regarding exemptions and exclusions can be obtained from the Revenue Division. Some of the major exemptions and exclusions are listed below:

  • Sales of gasoline, natural gas, steam, and water when delivered to consumers via mains, pipes or conduits, electric power, newspapers, fertilizers, and containers used for farm products when sold directly to the farmer
  • Isolated or occasional sales of tangible personal property by someone not engaged in the business of selling that type of property; casual or isolated sales shall not apply to the sale of vehicles
  • Sales of human tissue transplants including all human organs, bone, skin, cornea, blood, or blood products transplanted from one person into another recipient person
  • Sales of electricity for chlor-alkali manufacturing processes
  • Sales to bona fide fire protection districts
  • Purchases of motor vehicles for lease and autos for rental
  • Purchases made with Food Stamps and WIC Vouchers
  • Purchases by state and local governments

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