What is adjudicated property?

Each year the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office holds a tax sale of various properties for which the previous year’s property taxes were not paid. At this tax sale, people may bid on these various properties and acquire a tax title. Not every property is bid on at the tax sale. The properties that receive no bids are “adjudicated” to the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge. Through this act of adjudication, the City-Parish is given a type of “tax deed” to the property.

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1. What is adjudicated property?
2. Does the City-Parish own adjudicated property?
3. May the Parish sell adjudicated property?
4. How do I find adjudicated property?
5. Why is my property listed as adjudicated property?
6. What is the “Mow to Own” program?