How can I keep a ticket or misdemeanor off my record?

There are two Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure Laws, Article 892.1 and Article 894 that provide a method to keep a ticket or misdemeanor offense off of your record. To participate in either one of these programs, you must pay the fine and applicable driving school fee. Payment and scheduling can be completed by a personal appearance or a payment can be mailed along with a written request to participate in the program. A court appearance date will be given to you according to the applicable programs indicated below. If your payment and request is made by mail, you will receive your notice by mail.

Article 892.1 Requirements - Traffic Offenses:

  • Affidavit attesting to compliance with court conditions must be signed and notarized. View the Affidavit Pursuant to Article 892.1 (PDF) document
  • Court date scheduled for 90 days to complete the four-hour defensive driving course
  • First time offenders, no moving violations on driving record
  • No other dismissals in the past two years from date of offense
  • Traffic misdemeanor offenses only
  • Valid driver’s license in a participating state

Article 894 Requirements - Traffic, Misdemeanor, or DWI Offenses:

  • No more than one prior moving violation within last 3 years
  • Valid Louisiana or participating state driver’s license
  • No other dismissals in the past five years
  • Court date scheduled for 6 months to complete the 6 hour defensive driving course
  • Six month probationary period-must refrain from any and all criminal conduct and traffic violations
  • Affidavit attesting to compliance with Court conditions must be signed and notarized. Download the Article 894 Guidelines (PDF) and download and view the Article 894 Affidavit (PDF)
  • $50 fee payable to DPS-Motor Vehicles, for DWI offenses
  • Call 225-389-3020 for further information

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