Is traffic calming popular?

Citizen surveys in some municipalities show traffic calming to be the most requested and most popular government program. Other city councils have been stormed by irate residents demanding the removal of speed bumps or traffic circles. The difference seems to lie in having a clear and predetermined program, objective criteria for adopting traffic calming, a variety of options, and extensive public participation in the planning phase.

There are dozens of variations of traffic calming techniques, limited only by the imagination of architects, motivated residents and road engineers. For a more thorough list and definitions, please see the glossary. Here are some of the more common techniques, with tips on their advantages and disadvantages.

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1. What is traffic calming?
2. What is the point of traffic calming?
3. How does traffic calming slow vehicular traffic and discourage drivers from using certain roads?
4. Does traffic calming work?
5. Are there drawbacks to traffic calming?
6. Is traffic calming popular?