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Posted on: February 3, 2021

Mayor Broome Launches Neighborhood Engagement Hub

BATON ROUGE, La. – February 3, 2021 – Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome launched Safe, Hopeful Neighborhoods Engagement Hub today as part of the Safe, Hopeful, Healthy BR Initiative from her Office of Community Development in partnership with Mid City Redevelopment Alliance and Build Baton Rouge. 

The digital hub will allow residents to connect with resources, leadership training, community improvement funding, civic association support, community event sponsorships, and blight elimination efforts.

"There are two key investors in ‘quality of place’ public-private partnerships: the city-parish government and our residents,” said Mayor Broome. “My Neighborhood Engagement Hub will bring critical funding and resources to areas that have been traditionally disinvested. We are excited to offer residents five opportunities to move from ideas, to action and impact.”

The Programs

  1. Operation Cleanup – Operation Cleanup will consist of four quarterly service projects, starting April 17th, that are hosted by community support leaders, existing civic associations, residents, and community partners. Anyone participating in these projects will have access to our tool-lending program to include trash bags, grabbers, gloves, water, ice chests, tents, chairs, DPW support, and marketing tool kits.
  2. Tool Lending Program – Throughout the year, residents and partners will be able to access an online tool-lending program to ensure that service projects, community improvement projects, community events, and blight remediation efforts are a success. 
  3. Community Leadership Training – The Community Leadership Training will be made up of 25 emerging resident leaders who show a demonstrated interest in leading neighborhood change. In order to increase impact and sustainability, the program’s goal will be to equip residents with the skills and resources to combat blight across the city. 
  4. Civic Association Support – Mayor Broome and her Office of Community Development is committed to supporting the formation and development of organized civic associations across East Baton Rouge Parish. Any civic association in a low-income or disinvested neighborhood that can demonstrate both a clear need and the presence of a committed group of residents, can apply for one of the following programs:
    1. A grant to have their annual Secretary of State registration fees paid for.
    2. A grant to pay for a professional’s services in the development of by-laws, organizing documents, neighborhood code of conducts, blight remediation, tax preparation, consulting real estate agent, etc.
    3. Grants for neighborhood-led community improvement projects.  
  5. Community Improvement Projects – Neighborhoods and resident leaders will receive grants ranging from $1,000-$5,000 to support community improvement projects that are as diverse as the ideas and imagination of the residents who create them. Each project submitted for the grant will be for the benefit of their identified neighborhood. In order to compete for a grant, their neighborhood must successfully graduate from the training program.
  6. Community Event Sponsorship – In addition to hosting several signature community events in coordination with Mayor Broome’s Office, the Office of Community Development, and Build BR, this program will serve as a centralized place for all community organizers and neighborhood leaders looking for sponsorship for events that provide a direct community benefit to community members. Sponsorship decisions will be made by the Community Action Center’s partners and sponsorship rights will also be given the partners.

Residents interested improving the community’s Quality of Place can sign up on the Neighborhood Engagement Hub at

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