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Posted on: December 16, 2020

MOVEBR Program Updates on Traffic Signal Synchronization

Synchronized Signal Map MOVEBR Baton Rouge streets Florida Boulevard green BATON ROUGE, La. – December 16, 2020 – 
The MOVEBR program has released an update on its synchronization of traffic signals, a project that is providing equipment upgrades, software improvements and doubling the amount of fiber optic cable connecting all 470 signals throughout East Baton Rouge Parish. 


Signal synchronization is an important part of the MOVEBR program because it will provide 100% connectivity via fiber, allowing traffic flow to be adjusted at any time from the Advanced Traffic Management Center on Harding Boulevard. 


“I’m very pleased with the progress we have made on signal synchronization during this unusual year when traffic patterns changed, allowing installation to proceed efficiently,” said Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome. “We want to be fully transparent, update the public and share what drivers can expect in the future. Very few cities in the U.S. have fully connected traffic signal systems. I’m proud to say Baton Rouge is leading the way.”

Corridors where signal synchronization via fiber connection is complete:

  • Burbank Dr. (Staring Lane to Gardere Lane)
  • Highland Road (Staring Lane to Gardere Lane)
  • Perkins Road (Great Oaks Dr./Wimbledon Ave. to Windermere Blvd./YMCA Plaza Dr.)
  • Bluebonnet Blvd. @ Park Rowe Ave. to Perkins Road @ Grand Ave.
  • Bluebonnet Blvd. (Anselmo Lane to Oliphant Road)
  • Bluebonnet Blvd. (Kinglet Dr./ N Mall Dr. to Cloverland Ave.)
  • Airline Hwy. (Industriplex Blvd. to Stumberg Lane)
  • Sherwood Forest Blvd. (Coursey Blvd. to Old Hammond Hwy.)
  • Coursey Blvd. (Sherwood Forest Blvd. to Lake Sherwood Ave. E)
  • Jones Creek Road @ Shenandoah Ave. to Coursey Blvd. @ Hickory Ridge Blvd.
  • Coursey Blvd. (Celtic Dr. to Cedarcrest Ave.)
  • Airline Hwy. (Cedarcrest Ave. to Goodwood Blvd.)
  • Old Hammond Hwy.(Sharp Road to N Harrells Ferry Road)
  • Millerville Road (Weldwood Dr. to Millerville Greens Blvd.)
  • O'Neal Lane (Firewood Dr. to Hobby Lobby/Old London)
  • Drusilla Lane @ I-12 to Jefferson Hwy. @ Bluebonnet Blvd.
  • Jefferson Hwy. (Towne Center Blvd. to Drusilla Lane)
  • Essen Lane (Mancuso Lane to Jefferson Hwy.)
  • Goodwood Blvd. (E Airport Ave. to Connell Park Lane)
  • Jefferson Hwy. (College Dr. to Government St.)
  • Foster Dr. (College Dr. to Government St.)
  • College Dr. (Perkins Road to Woodside Dr.)
  • Perkins Road (I-10 to College Dr./Lee Dr.)
  • Government St. (Acadian Thwy. to Jefferson Hwy.)
  • Acadian Thwy. (Bawell St. to Government St.)
  • Acadian Thwy. (Perkins Road to I-10)
  • Stanford Ave. (Hyacinth St./Lakeshore Dr. to Morning Glory Ave.)
  • Highland Road @ LSU Ave. to South Blvd. @ Saint Phillip St.
  • Burbank Dr. (W Parker Blvd. to Jennifer Jean Dr.)
  • Government St. (Saint James St. to Acadian Thwy.)
  • River Road (Saint James St. to River Park Blvd.)
  • Government St. (Jefferson Hwy. to Ardenwood Dr.)
  • Airline Hwy. (Goodwood Blvd. to Tom Dr.)
  • Florida Blvd. (Centerway Blvd. to Marilyn Dr.)
  • Florida Blvd. (N Foster Dr. to Wooddale Blvd.)
  • Foster Dr. (Government St. to Choctaw Dr.)
  • North St. (River Road to 10th St.)
  • Main St. (Lafayette St. to 10th St.)
  • Laurel St. (River Road to 10th St.)
  • Florida St. (River Road to 10th St.)
  • Convention St. (Lafayette St. to 11th St.)
  • North Blvd. (River Road to 10th St.)
  • 10th St. (North Blvd. to North St.)
  • 9th St. (North Blvd. to North St.)
  • 7th St. (Florida St. to Main St.)
  • 6th St. (Convention St. to North St.)
  • 5th St. (North Blvd. to North St.)
  • 4th St. (North Blvd. to North St.)
  • Saint Louis St. @ Governmental Building to North St. @ 3rd St.)
  • Lafayette St. (Convention St. to North St.)
  • 9th St. (North St. to Spanish Town Road)
  • Florida Blvd. (Sharp Road to Stevendale Road)
  • O'Neal Lane (Firewood Dr. to Old Hammond Hwy.)
  • Millerville Road (Weldwood Dr. to S Flannery Road)
  • Airline Hwy. (Choctaw Dr. to Winbourne Ave./Maribel Dr.)
  • Sullivan Road (Walmart to Huntley Ave.)
  • Acadian Thwy. (Government St. to North Blvd.)

Corridors that will be synchronized via fiber connection within the next year:

  • Burbank Dr. @ Parker Blvd. to Nicholson Dr. @ McKinley St.
  • Burbank Dr. @ Ben Hur Road to W Lee Dr. @ Frog Aly
  • Lee Dr. (Burbank Dr. to Boone Dr.)
  • Dalrymple Dr. (I-10 to Harrison St.)
  • Perkins Road (College Dr. to Staring Lane)
  • Old Hammond Hwy. (Jefferson Hwy. to Drusilla Lane)
  • Tiger Bend Road (Stumberg Lane to Jefferson Hwy.)
  • Jones Creek Road (Tiger Bend Road to Shenandoah Ave.)
  • Perkins Road (Windermere Blvd./YMCA Plaza Dr. to Siegen Lane)
  • Old Hammond Hwy. (Harrells Ferry Road to Sherwood Forest Blvd.)
  • Scenic Hwy. @ Harding Blvd. to LA-19 @ I-110
  • Harding Blvd. (I-110/Veteran's Memorial Blvd. to Plank Road)
  • Plank Road (Sumrall Dr. to Monarch Ave./72nd Ave.)
  • Airline Hwy. (Maribel Dr. to Beechwood Dr.)
  • Scenic Hwy. @ Foss St. to Plank @ Dawson Dr./Mason Ave.
  • Hollywood St. (I-110 to Plank Road)
  • Choctaw Dr. @ Chippewa St./3rd St. to Monterrey Dr. @ Great Smoky Ave.
  • Gus Young Ave. @ 46th St. to Greenwell Springs Road @ Sherwood Forest Blvd.
  • Winbourne Ave. (Plank Road to Acadian Thwy.)
  • Acadian Thruway W (Winbourne Ave. to Gus Young Ave.)
  • Acadian Thruway E (Gus Young Ave. to Choctaw Dr.)
  • N 38th St. (Winbourne Ave. to Choctaw Dr.)
  • Fairfields Ave. (Acadian Thwy. to 38th St.)
  • Choctaw Dr. (SB Acadian Thwy. to NB Acadian Thwy.)
  • Mohican St. (Plank Road to Acadian Thwy.)
  • Chippewa St. (Choctaw Dr. to Plank Road)
  • North Blvd. @ 22nd St. to Scenic Hwy. @ Foss St.
  • 19th St. (North Blvd. to Fuqua St.)
  • Eugene St. (North Blvd. to North St.)
  • Acadian Thwy. (North Blvd. to North St.)
  • North St. (19th St. to 39th St.)
  • Main St. (19th St. to 22nd St.)
  • Florida Blvd. (19th St. to Peachtree Blvd.)
  • Peachtree Blvd. (North Blvd. to Florida Blvd.)
  • North Blvd. (19th St. to Peachtree Blvd.)
  • Florida Blvd. (Wooddale Blvd. to Centerway Blvd.)
  • Plank Road @ Lavey Lane to Groom Road @ Walmart

Corridors that will be synchronized via fiber connection within the next two years:

  • Gardere Lane (Burbank Dr. to Highland Road) 
  • Bluebonnet Blvd. (Burbank Dr. Highland Road)
  • Siegen Lane (Highland Road to Briar Hollow Ave.)
  • N Mall Dr. (Siegen Lane to Courtyard Marriott)
  • Perkins Road (Grand Ave. to Wimbledon Ave.)
  • Mall of Louisiana Blvd. (AMC Theater to Mall Drive)
  • Picardy Ave. (Medical Center Dr. to Bluebonnet Blvd.)
  • Dijon Dr. (Perkins Road to Picardy Ave.)
  • Coursey Blvd. (Southpark Dr. to Sherwood Forest Blvd.)
  • Coursey Blvd. (Shadeland Dr./Lake Sherwood Ave. E to Hickory Ridge Blvd.)
  • S Harrells Ferry Road (Jones Creek Road to O'Neal Lane)
  • Millerville Road (S Harrells Ferry Road to Redford St.)
  • Corporate Blvd. (Towne Center Blvd. to Jefferson Hwy.)
  • Goodwood Ave. (Lobdell Ave. to Airport Ave.)
  • Perkins Road @ Terrace St. to Government St. @ 19th St./Park Blvd.
  • Highland Road @ E State St. to I-10 @ Dalrymple
  • Thomas H. Delpit Dr. (Buchanan St. to Terrace St.)
  • Nicholson Dr. (Terrace St. to South Blvd.)
  • Florida Blvd. (10th St. to 19th St.)
  • Florida Blvd. (Peachtree Blvd. to Foster Dr.)
  • Airport Ave. (Goodwood Blvd. to Airport Ave.)
  • Ardenwood Dr. (Florida Blvd. to Renoir Ave.)
  • Florida Blvd. @ Lobdell Blvd. to Tom Dr. @ Wooddale Blvd.
  • Airline Hwy. (Tom Dr. to Choctaw Dr.)
  • Scenic Hwy. (Choctaw Dr. to Mason Ave.)
  • Airline Hwy. @ Maribel Dr. to Foster Dr. @ Hollywood St.
  • LA-19 (I-110 to Blount Road)
  • Goodwood Blvd. (Sharp Road to Sherwood Forest Blvd.)
  • Central Thwy. (Florida Blvd. to Choctaw Dr.)

Once completed, all signals controlled by East Baton Rouge Parish will be connected to the Advanced Traffic Management Center and traffic engineers will have the ability to make adjustments to keep traffic flowing. 

MOVEBR program
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