Under the direction of the Fire Chief and with assistance of the Chief of Operations, our administrative offices work closely in seeing that the administrative responsibilities are handled efficiently. With the support and help of our secretarial staff, the Fire Chief and the Chief of Operations’ administrative duties are made easier and are carried out in a well-organized manner that results in the smooth and efficient operations of the Baton Rouge Fire Department. Download a copy of the Organizational Chart (PDF).

This division maintains records of all personnel, training, maintenance of vehicles and facilities, budgets, and financial data, which it organizes, analyzes, and prioritizes in order that recommendations may be directed to the Fire Chief for his use in running the day-to-day operations of the department.

Administrative Staff

The administrative/secretarial staff assignments are the Secretary to the Fire Chief and seven Fire Records Clerks.

Administrative Officers

  • Edwin "Ed" Smith, Fire Chief
  • Shane Cross, Chief Fire Communications Officer
  • Curte Monte, Fire Public Information Officer
  • Daryl Edgens, Deputy Fire Chief
  • Dennis Estess, Chief of Operations
  • Thomas Jackson, Deputy Fire Chief
  • Charles Major, Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief
  • Randy Horn, Chief Fire Apparatus Technician
  • Jennifer Riles, Budget / Accounting Administrator
  • Kenny Levatino, Fire Prevention Chief
  • Kenny McDowell, Chief Training Officer
  • Otis Autrey, Chief Fire Safety Officer
  • Crayton Williams Deputy Fire Chief
  • Darryl D. Sanders, Chief Fire Investigator
  • Richard Sullivan, Chief of Hazardous Materials
  • Robert Combs, Research and Statistical Analysis Officer
  • Scott Pertuis, Chief of Special Services