Bikeability Measurements

Bicycle Facilities

Bicycle Facilities is the measurement of the total length of bike paths, trails, lanes and shared use paths divided by the total land area of each Census block group. Availability of bike facilities is usually the highest factor in promoting bike activities, and is perceived as “safe”.

Bikeability Scale rainbow spectrum blue to red for less to more bike friendly

Street Connectivity

Street Connectivity is the measurement based on density of intersections identified from street centerline data of each Census block group, and represented as the ratio of true intersections (more than 3 leg segments) divided by land area. Higher densities of intersections represent more route options.

Residential Density

Residential Density is the measurement of the number of household units divided by total land area that is categorized “residential” for each Census block group. Higher residential density is usually synonymous to ease of travel on routes with lower speed limits and other traffic calming measures.