Filling out the City-Parish Employment Application

Many applicants either have their applications rejected or their scores affected by application errors that may be avoided. The following list is an effort to help you avoid the most common mistakes. Please read it carefully before submitting your employment application. Also, reference the Online Employment Application Manual for instructions on submitting an employment application and providing application documentation (attachments).

  1. Education Related Information
  2. Employment Related
  3. Application Documentation
  4. Veteran's Preference
  5. Miscellaneous


Attach a copy of your high school diploma unless you will be attaching a copy of your college diploma.

If your college diploma does not specify what your major field of study was, a copy of an official transcript is a better document to submit. Education points may be awarded, in many cases, only if the specific degree is indicated.

Other Education Documentation

It is best to include all levels of higher education documentation because credit may be given for a specific bachelor's degree that would not be evident on a master's diploma.

If You Did Not Complete College

Even if you did not complete college, it is still beneficial to submit an official transcript of completed courses because partial credit may be afforded.

If you are applying for a position that requires a college degree and you either did not complete college, or completed but not in the required field, you must list your major undergraduate subjects and credit hours to be considered for admitting.

Business College or Trade School

Attach certificates/diplomas indicating completion of business college or trade school.