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Has one of our City-Parish employees provided you with exceptional service lately? Do you have feedback that you believe could make our community a better place to live, work, and play? If so, we want to hear from you!

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Expresit is a free mobile app and web tool that helps cities like ours better serve their communities. In as little as 30 seconds, you can provide feedback on your experiences with a majority of City-Parish departments and agencies, ranging from public safety agencies such as the Baton Rouge Police Department and the Baton Rouge Fire Department to the East Baton Rouge Parish Library System, with the potential for more groups and even events to be added in the future.

The app is currently available for free download via both the iTunes App Store website and the Google Play Store website, as well as via Expresit's website. To begin leaving feedback or recognize a specific City-Parish employee for their service, simply search for “City of Baton Rouge” from the home screen and follow the guided steps from there.

To implement the technology, the City-Parish has partnered with San Diego-based HundredX, the creator of the Express Feedback technology and the Expresit app, which is currently utilized by a number of private corporations, including major sports teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, and is gradually being incorporated into government operations across the United States as municipalities - including Baton Rouge - recognize the importance of identifying, collecting, and incorporating real-time citizen feedback into service excellence strategies and government operations.

For More Information

For additional information Email the City. In addition you may download and print a copy of our Expresit Flier (PDF) or read the City-Parish's Expresit Launch Press Release (PDF) and understand all about the launch of Expresit.