From the Constable's Desk

The Baton Rouge City Constable's Office under the present administration has undergone changes that will bring the office into the modern era of operation.

Training continues to be a major focus of this administration. With the need to have additional personnel, we have added Reserve Deputies and 22 Civilian Volunteers. These dedicated individuals have helped the City Court system as a whole.

A research team with efforts geared toward the backlog of warrants has allowed us to focus a maximum amount of manpower toward clearing some 57,000 warrants. We have observed some warrants to be 10 to 20 years old. The service of our Reserves and Volunteers giving over 5,000 man-hours to the Constable's Office really helps us in our everyday operation, and saves your tax dollars that would be used towards overtime.

The community services division operates under the office motto, "Service Above and Beyond." It has made a significant difference in our community. We are very proud of the impact it is making in people's lives.

The restructuring of the Constable's Office has allowed us to focus attention in areas of serious need. We have lived within a budget that has seen significant reduction since the beginning of this administration.

Our responsibilities in the criminal and civil enforcement areas are consistent with our projections. However, the garnishment collection is running above projection. The jail operation is seeing an increase with extra efforts being made since the amnesty program. The final phase of "locate and arrest" began in June 2002, and is already helping clear numerous warrants. The networking process with the additional resources is also helping in our warrant reduction program.

The Quarterly Newsletter (PDF) cannot adequately tell the complete story of your Baton Rouge City Constable's Office; however, if you would like to have a more in-depth look into our operation, please contact me at 225-389-3004 or visit us at:
233 Saint Louis Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Our mission statement tells the story, and our motto "Service Above and Beyond" states our level of commitment to the citizens of the City of Baton Rouge.

Your Constable,
Major Reginald R. Brown, Sr.

Historic Photo of the Constable's Building