City Jail


This Division is responsible for the jail and jail processes. The city jail is designed to temporarily house all arrestees with City Court warrants as well as prisoners transported from other institutions who have scheduled court appearances. Deputies observe the conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances and escapes. They inspect locks, bars, doors, and other physical features for tampering during each shift. They physically search inmates and cells for weapons, valuables, drugs and other contraband.

All incoming prisoners are processed by seizing and recording personal property that is brought into the jail for safe-keeping. Prisoners are photographed, fingerprinted, and the necessary booking paperwork is completed. Prisoners are held until they post bond, pay their fines, or are transported to Parish Prison.

Control Room

The Control Room operator also observes the movement of all persons into, within, and out of secured areas of the jail. The Control Room operator also observes prisoners and deputies via closed-circuit, remote control and stationary television cameras strategically located through the jail and City Court building, including courtrooms and common areas. In the event of an emergency, the Control Room operator notifies other deputies of such and the location to which they should respond.