Refund Application Instructions

The documentation necessary to apply for a refund varies depending upon the amount of the refund request:

Refunds under $1,500

  1. Complete a Claim for Refund of Taxes Paid Form (PDF). View the form instructions.
  2. Prepare an amended return with the adjusted figures for the applicable period.

Refunds for $1,500 or Over

  1. Complete a Claim for Refund of Taxes Paid Form (PDF) and have it notarized. View the form instructions.
  2. Prepare an amended return for each of the periods affected (see Note below) with supporting documentation such as invoice copies, ledger sheets, vendor exemption certificates, etc. to support any figures changed from the original return.

    Note: If the refund is the result of an error that covers more than five periods, a schedule of the necessary adjustments may be submitted instead of multiple amended returns. This schedule should include the following information by tax period:
    • Gross Sales recorded on the original return
    • Total Deductions from the original return
    • Amended Gross Sales
    • Amended Deductions
    • Tax Paid with the original return
    • Amended Tax Due for that period
  3. The following are the most common documentation requirements for refund requests:
    • Refunds due to sales returns and allowances: Prepare an amended form for the month in which the returned merchandise was originally sold and the applicable tax was originally paid. Invoices, credit memos, and exemption certificates as applicable should be included with the request to support the adjusted figures.
    • Refunds due to accounting errors: Prepare an amended return and provide copies of ledger sheets or other accounting documentation to support the adjusted figures.
    • Refunds paid to this jurisdiction in error: In the case of an audit, include a copy of the audit assessment and work papers to support the refund amount. Otherwise, provide copies of the invoices you are basing the refund request on. These taxes will be refunded directly to the jurisdiction entitled to the tax unless a cancelled check remitting the tax to that jurisdiction is provided.

Submitting Documents

All documentation should be submitted to the following address:

ATTN: Michelle Stovall, Senior Revenue Analyst
Sales Tax Section
Department of Finance-Revenue Division
City of Baton Rouge
P.O. Box 2590
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-2590

Questions about specific refunds or the refund process may be directed to Michelle Stovall at 225-389-3080, extension 731, or send us an email.