Claim for Refund of Taxes Paid Form


  1. Complete the first three lines of the Claim for Refund of Taxes Paid Form (PDF) with the taxpayer's account number, name, address, and contact information as indicated.
  2. Type of Tax:  Select one of the following:
    • Sales Tax
    • Use Tax
    • Hotel-Motel Tax
    • Enterprise Zone
    • Occupational License Tax
  3. Period: Indicate the tax period or periods during which an overpayment occurred, such as "December 2000" or "January through December 2000."
  4. Taxes Remitted: Enter the total taxes remitted as reflected on your monthly sales/use tax return(s) filed for the tax period(s) in question.
  5. Taxes Due, as Amended: Enter the amount that should have been paid to the Revenue Division for the tax period(s) in question, as opposed to the amount that was actually remitted. For example, your December 2000 return reflects that you paid $100. After discovering your error, you have calculated that only $75 should have been paid. Enter the $75 on this line.
  6. Refund Requested: The difference between what you actually paid and what you should have paid. In the example above, you would enter the difference between the $100 paid and the $75 that you should have paid. Enter the $25 difference on this line.
  7. Preferred Refund Method: Indicate whether you would prefer a credit memo on your account or a refund check.
  8. Reason for Requesting a Refund: Select the applicable refund reason to explain why you are requesting a refund. If you need additional space, please attach an additional sheet or letter of explanation.
  9. Sign the completed form and forward to:
    ATTN: Michelle Stovall, Senior Revenue Analyst
    City of Baton Rouge - Parish of East Baton Rouge
    Department of Finance/Revenue Division
    P. O. Box 2590
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821-2590

Any "Claim for Credit or Refund of Taxes Paid" form submitted without the appropriate signatures or necessary documentation will result in your claim being delayed until such time that the required signatures and/or documentation are obtained.

If you have additional questions concerning the form, please contact Michelle Stovall at 225-389-3080, extension 731.