What the Program Does

Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase I environmental site assessment is a report conducted prior to a real estate transaction that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination, both in structures and the underlying soil or groundwater. A Phase II assessment is a report that uses carefully considered environmental sampling to confirm or deny the presence or extent of environmental contamination on a property, typically either in soil, groundwater, or building materials.

Remediation Planning

If a property is contaminated, a clean-up plan can be prepared. This report or series of documents will outline specific technical options for remediating a contaminated property.

South Louisiana Brownfields Coalition Revolving Loan Fund

The City of Baton Rouge is a partner in a regional Revolving Loan Fund that can act as a source of funding for site remediation. The RLF can provide low-interest loans to private groups or individuals, or grants to non-profit and public entities that can serve as gap financing to help a project overcome environmental issues.

Area-wide Assessments

Working with non-profit and public redevelopment agencies, we develop detailed neighborhood or corridor scale reports that will identify properties where environmental concerns may complicate reuse or redevelopment.

Technical Consultation

Utilizing our access to industry leaders in brownfields redevelopment and environmental science, we provide guidance and suggestions at any stage of a brownfield project.