Requests, Complaints & Grievance Procedures


In order to properly register a request, complaint or grievance with the ADA Task Force, an individual shall obtain and complete the appropriate ADA form provided on this page.

Printable Forms

Once completed, the form may be mailed, faxed or hand delivered to:

City of Baton Rouge / Parish of East Baton Rouge
Department of Human Resources
Employee Relations Division / ADA Task Force
Attention: Micheline D. Millender
1755 Florida Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

Fax Number: 225-389-5314
TDD Number: 225-389-7691


  • Upon receipt of a properly completed grievance form, the ADA Task Force Coordinator will perform a preliminary investigation.
  • If the complaint can be resolved to the complainant's satisfaction during this stage, the resolution will be noted in writing and filed with the grievance.
  • If the grievance remains unresolved, it will be submitted to the ADA Task Force for resolution.
  • The ADA Task Force shall resolve to make recommendations on the grievance to the ADA Task Force Coordinator no later than 90 days after the complaint is received by the ADA Task Force.
  • The ADA Task Force Coordinator shall make a final decision on the grievance no later than 5 days after receipt of the recommendation from the ADA Task Force.
  • Notice of this decision will be transmitted to the complainant within 5 days after the decision has been finalized.
  • A written record of the action taken on each request, complaint or grievance will be maintained in the Employee Relations Division of the City-Parish Human Resources Department and a resolution statement shall be sent to the complainant.
  • Barrier removal requests will be evaluated by the ADA Task Force and ranked by City-Parish personnel with regard to the ADA Task Force recommendation, budget and scheduled projects.