Meet the Members

  1. Brian K. Bernard

    Human Resources Director
    Phone: 225-389-3129, ext. 218

  2. Elena Branzaru

    Personnel Section Chief Parish Attorney
    Phone: 225-389-3114

  3. Micheline D. Millender

    Coordinator / Recorder Human Resources
    Phone: 225-389-8727

  4. Mike Edwards

    Director of Aviation-BR Metro Airport
    Phone: 225-389-0333

  5. Shamell Lavigne

    Executive Program Administrator DHDS
    Phone: 225-389-4561

  6. Karen Denman

    CATS ADA Coordinator
    Phone: 225-389-8920

  1. Jamie Presley

    Public Relations Coordinator,PIO
    Phone: 225-389-3121

  2. Scott Raiford

    Senior Juvenile Probation Counselor,JS
    Phone: 225-354-1234

  3. Cary "Bubba" Cashio

    Public Works Building & Grounds Director
    Phone: 225-389-4615

  4. Christy Hadley

    Budgeting Manager

  5. Rhonda Pinsonat

    Library Business Manager-Library Services
    Phone: 225-231-3705

  6. Diane Denton

    Internal Revenue Services IRS-Baton Rouge, La
    Phone: 225-923-4210

the following members have Non-Voting Privileges:

Dr. Tamiara L. Wade, Brian K. Bernard, Micheline D. Millender, and Elena Branzaru.

External Contacts

Karen Denman
CATS ADA Coordinator
Email Karen Denman
Phone: 225-346-3265

Lynda Diane Denton
Internal Revenue Service
Email Lynda Diane Denton
Phone: 225-923-4210