OSS CSBG Emergency Assistance

Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines and documentation needed to get assistance:

  • Proof of East Baton Rouge Parish residence (picture ID) and proof of income must be presented with the application in order for the application to be submitted.
  • There must be documentation to support your emergency. Utility bill must show past-due date is expired and/or disconnect notice. Letter from landlord indicating rent is in arrears, amount of rent or an eviction notice in the amount of one month's rent. Letter from mortgage company indicating the mortgage payment is past due and/or a letter of foreclosure.
  • All monthly expenses must be listed and verified.
  • The need for assistance must be an emergency.
  • Mortgage lenders require that unpaid balances be paid in full. Office of Social Services will only assist with a mortgage payment providing the mortgager will permit the client to remain in the residence for 30 days.
  • In order for the Office of Social Services to assist with first month's rent, an applicant must show proof that he/she can pay the required deposit and shall be prepared to pay next month's rent.
  • Office of Social Services funding sources disallow payment of deposits of any kind.
  • A client will only be eligible to apply once in a 12-month period for emergency services.
  • An emergency is defined as a sudden unexpected occurrence demanding immediate action.

Income Guidelines

Size of Family
Maximum income (125% of Poverty Guidelines)