No Solicitation Subdivisions

"No Solicitation" Subdivisions

Per Section 12:200 House-to-House Peddling As Nuisance, Section (B) (1) (b) of the City-Parish Code of Ordinances, (Title 12, Chapter 3, Part II), house-to-house peddling is prohibited if "by resolution of the board of the homeowners’ association, a sign has been posted at each entrance to a recognized single family residential subdivision designating the subdivision as a no peddling area.  A certified copy of the resolution shall be provided to the Revenue Division of the Department of Finance. The sign shall clearly state that house-to-house peddling is prohibited in the subdivision and shall be legible and visible from the public street.  No sign shall be posted pursuant to this subsection without the approval of the Chief Traffic Engineer."  Please see the requirements to be designated as a "No Solicitation" subdivision in the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge on the "No Solicitation" Subdivision Checklist.

The subdivisions listed below have provided the aforementioned resolution to the Finance Department Revenue Division designating their subdivision as a "No Solicitation" subdivision. Violation of the "No Solicitation" ordinance is a legal matter and should be reported to the law enforcement agency for your area. The Revenue Division has no enforcement authority.

Subdivision Name
Subdivision Association
Audubon Square
Audubon Square Property Owners’ Association
Azalea Lakes North
Azalea Lakes North Homeowners’ Association
Bluebonnet Terrace
Bluebonnet Terrace Homeowners’ Association
Briarwood Estates
Briarwood Estates Residents’ Association
Broadmoor Residents’ Association
Brookhollow Glen
Brookhollow Glen Civic Association
Carriagewood Estates
Carriagewood Estates Homeowners’ Association
Carrington Place
Carrington Place Homeowners’ Association
Villa del Rey Citizens’ Association, Inc.
Central Highland
Central Highland Civic Association
Centurion Place
Centurion Place Civic Association
Clearlake Estates
Clearlake Estates Property Owners, Inc. (POA)
College Town
College Town Civic Association
Country Manor
Country Manor Homeowners Association
Country Ridge
Country Ridge Neighborhood Homeowners’ Association
Cross Gate
Cross Gate Homeowners’ Association
Bluebonnet Highlands Homeowners’ Association
Fairwood Estates
Fairwood Estates Homeowners’ Association
Forest Creek
Forest Creek Homeowners’ Association
Foxcroft Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors
Gardens of Windermere
The Gardens of Windermere
Goodwood Homesites Civic Association
Greenbriar Hollow
Greenbriar Hollow Homeowners’ Association
Greenwood Civic Association
Hickory Ridge
Hickory Ridge Civic Subdivision
Hidden Ridge Subdivision
Hidden Ridge Homeowners’ Association
High Woods
High Woods Homeowners’ Association
Highland Ridge
Highland Ridge Homeowners’ Association
Hoo Shoo Too Lakes
Hoo Shoo Too Lakes Homeowners’ Association
Iberville Terrace
Iberville Terrace Homeowners’ Association
Inniswold Estates
Inniswold Estates/Jefferson Terrace Civic Association
Jefferson Ridge
Jefferson Ridge Homeowners’ Association
Jefferson Terrace
Inniswold Estates/Jefferson Terrace Civic Association
Kenilworth Civic Association
Kensington Estates
Kensington Estates Homeowners' Association
Lake at White Oak
Lake at White Oak Homeowners’ Association
Lake Sherwood Acres
Lake Sherwood Association
Lakes of Jamestown
Lakes of Jamestown Homeowners’ Association
Magnolia Lakes
Magnolia Lakes Board of Directors
Magnolia Pointe
Magnolia Pointe Homeowners’ Association
Villa del Rey Citizens’ Association, Inc.
Oak Hills Park
Greater Oak Hills Civic Association
Oak Hills Place
Greater Oak Hills Civic Association
Oakridge Subdivision Homeowners’ Association, Inc.
Oak Ridge Estates
Oak Ridge Estates Homeowners’ Association
Oaks of Windermere
The Oaks of Windermere
Old Goodwood Gardens
Old Goodwood Gardens Homeowners’ Association
Old Jefferson Crossing
Old Jefferson Crossing Homeowners’ Association
Oxley Homeowners’ Association
Park Forest Crime Prevention and Improvement District
Commission of the Park Forest Crime Prevention and Improvement District
Park Forest East Crime
Prevention and Improvement
Commission of the Park Forest East Crime Prevention and Improvement District
Parkview Point
Parkview Point Homeowners’ Association
Pine Park
Pine Park/Westminister HOA
Quail Ridge
Quail Ridge Neighborhood Watch Board
Riverbend Lakes
Riverbend Lakes Homeowners’ Association
Santa Maria
Santa Maria Homeowners’ Association
Shadowbrook Homeowners’ Association
Shadows Lake
Shadows Community Homeowners’ Association
Shadows at White Oak
Shadows Community Homeowners’ Association
Shenandoah Homeowners’ Association
Shenandoah North
Shenandoah Homeowners’ Association
Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest Citizens’ Association
Sherwood Manor
Sherwood Manor Civic Association
South Harrell’s Ferry Landing
South Harrell’s Ferry Landing HOA
Springhill Lake
Bluebonnet Highlands Homeowners’ Association
Summerwood Homeowners’ Association
Tara Civic Association, Inc.
The Settlement at Willow Grove
Settlement at Willow Grove Homeowners’ Association
The Shire
The Shire Subdivision
University Acres
University Acres Civic Association
University Villas
University Villas HOA
Villa del Rey
Villa del Rey Citizens’ Association, Inc.
Villa del Rey Park
Villa del Rey Citizens’ Association, Inc.
Village Charmant Condominiums
Village Charmant Condominiums’ Association
Village Lakes
Village Lakes Homeowners’ Association
Vineyard Court
Vineyard Court Homeowners’ Association
Westminister-Pine Park
Westminister-Pine Park Subdivision B.O.D.
White Oak Landing
White Oak Landing Civic Association
Willowbrook POA Board of Directors
Windermere Property Owners Association, Inc.
Woodland Ridge
Woodland Ridge Homeowners’ Association
Woodlawn Homeowners’ Association
Woodridge Property Owners Association