FutuEBR cover: A vision for East Baton Rouge Parish - state capitol downtown Mississippi Bridge

A Future Vision of the Parish

A snapshot of Baton Rouge’s shared vision shows a community that is known for sustainability — in economic, environmental and social equity terms. Baton Rouge’s downtown is strong and vibrant day and night. It’s the heart of the region, with abundant opportunities for living, working and recreation. Neighborhoods throughout the Parish are thriving and citizens have housing options that are safe, and affordable to a variety of income levels. Every neighborhood has attractive open spaces and residents have many desirable options for getting around, including walking, biking, riding transit and driving. The Mississippi River and other waterways are protected and optimized for multiple uses.

The Parish has an exemplary K-12 school system that offers educational opportunities for all residents. The Parish’s colleges and universities are national leaders in a variety of fields and are surrounded by successful neighborhoods that are well-linked with downtown and other parts of the City. The Parish’s economy is prosperous, with a mix of traditional industries and new business sectors. The Parish is renowned for embracing and cultivating new talent and ideas whether in the arts, business or the public realm.

Comprehensive Plan Documents

Adopted December 5, 2018