Safety & Disaster Recovery

Public Safety

  • Collaborated with citizens and law enforcement to update the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Use of Force Policy to align with national best practices.
  • Participated in Baton Rouge Police Department patrol ride-alongs.
  • Hosted the Gas for Guns program along with BRAVE and the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Flood Recovery

  • Met with the Restore Louisiana Task Force, expressing the need for additional recovery dollars and greater flexibility in the expenditure of those dollars.
  • Revised the federally required Action Plan to more efficiently appropriate the $11 million in HUD disaster dollars that were appropriated to East Baton Rouge Parish, reducing administrative costs by nearly half.
  • Continuing to maximize FEMA Public Assistance funds for reimbursement from flood-related damage. To date, EBR has expended nearly $57 million in flood-related repairs, and has been reimbursed more than $38 million. EBR continues to work with FEMA to get additional dollars reimbursed.
  • Hosted staff members from the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform committee; meeting with EBR parish and municipal officials as well as Congressional delegation staff, to discuss flood-response efforts.
  • Pushed FEMA to provide reimbursement for debris pickup along state highways, which was previously the responsibility of DOTD. However, DOTD ended its pickup in March, so Mayor Broome worked with FEMA to receive approval for reimbursement, and collection along state routes that began on April 10.
  • Announced a $167,478 emergency preparedness grant, in conjunction with the cities of Baker, Central and Zachary, as well as the EBR Sheriff’s Office, for the purchase of critical communication equipment that will benefit all entities during times of disaster.
  • Partnering with the National Weather Service, Baton Rouge Metro Airport and numerous first responder agencies to host the 2017 Hurricane Awareness Kickoff for EBR Parish.
  • Partnering with the Mall of Louisiana on June 17 to host the 2017 Red Stick Ready Day to help prepare our community for all hazards.