Domestic Violence Intervention Court


The Baton Rouge City Court Domestic Violence Intervention Court (DV Court) is a specialized court that utilizes multi-disciplinary collaboration to address domestic violence offenses. The DV Court seeks to address domestic violence offenses from their onset and continue until complete resolution of the case. The DV Court uses strict judicial, probation and police monitoring to hold domestic violence offenders accountable; it also seeks to enhance the safety of victims by connecting them to services and offering them multiple contact sources throughout the entire court process. Finally, the Court mandates offenders participate in and complete a domestic violence intervention program. Those who complete the program will have an opportunity to recognize destructive behaviors, make positive changes, and live a non-abusive and non-violent life.

All potential DV Court participants are evaluated by the DV Court Team prior to admission into the program. The evaluation includes criminal and domestic violence background checks, clinical assessment by a licensed interventionist, victim advocate input, consideration of the current offense and other factors. Participants who are admitted into the program are court ordered into the program.

The DV Court program is a two-year program; however, this time can be reduced by the DV Court Judge based on exceptional compliance and progress in the program. Participation in the program requires regular court appearances before the DV Court Judge and regular meetings with a probation officer. Participant progress in the program is staffed weekly by the DV Court Team. All participants are required to attend and complete the MRT-DVI court program, an intervention program that meets weekly. The length of the MRT-DVI program will vary depending on the participant’s progress, but is generally completed in 30 - 40 weeks. Other conditions of the DV Court are imposed based on the clinical assessment and evaluation by the DV Court Team. Completion of the program requires completion of all special conditions as well as completing a period of probation in which the offender must demonstrate a non-abusive and non-violent lifestyle.