Digging In Servitudes – Fences, Walls, & Concrete

Indiscriminate digging in servitudes has the potential for life-threatening episodes, delay of project if underground involvements are encountered, or unnecessary expense.

Preventing Excavation Problems

All excavations, particularly those in servitudes, are covered by many federal, state and City Parish regulations. In order to make certain you have done everything in your power to prevent excavation problems, you should call Louisiana One Call at 1-800-272-3020.

This call should be made at least 48 hours before any excavation work is done. This call will result in all underground lines being marked except sewer and storm water lines.

City-Parish Approval

Fences, walls, and concrete placement in or over servitude may require prior approval from City-Parish. Call Engineering Services at 1-225-389-3222 for approval.


No part of a building shall be built upon or overhang any part of the servitude. Driveways are not allowed over sewer manholes or drainage inlets.

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