2005-2008 Revenue Facts

Revenue Facts 2005-2008 is a comprehensive manual of "revenue fact sheets" prepared by the Finance Department-Budgeting Division for use in preparing revenue estimates for the Annual Operating Budget for the City of Baton Rouge-Parish of East Baton Rouge and in analyzing revenue trends. 


The manual is divided into four sections: (1) the General Fund; (2) the Special Revenue Funds other than managerial and grant funds; (3) the Road and Street Improvement Capital Projects Fund, which is funded by the same sales tax that funds one of the Special Revenue Funds; and (4) the Enterprise Funds, with the exception of the Capital Area Transit System. For further information concerning the "Revenue Facts," refer to the Foreword (PDF) in the manual. Please email us if you have specific questions concerning City-Parish revenues.

The 2005-2008 Revenue Facts files are in Portable Document File (PDF) which can be opened and read using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Facts Book