Requesting a Relocation Permit

Applicants requesting a permit for a relocated mobile home will need the following.

Flood Zone Determination

List name of owner of property, lot or tract number, street, subdivision, and the name, address, and fax number of the professional who will provide you with a proposed certificate of elevation (PDF) of the mobile home location. Once the mobile home has been blocked up on the proposed site, the professional must provide the inspection division an Official Certificate of Elevation before utilities will be connected. Most Mobile Home Parks have already provided the above information required for a permit. Access the flood zone determination form (PDF).

Relocation Permit ($25)

Inspection will check the building line setbacks for compliance. If located in a flood zone, the mobile home will be required to be anchored in accordance with the attached chart. In addition, a 3-foot-by-3-foot landing shall be required unless door opens to interior. Steps and handrails/guard rails shall comply in accordance with the mobile home specifications. When ready for inspection, call 225-389-3209 with your permit number and address. Address must be posted.

Electrical Permit ($25)

Owner/tenant may apply for permit if the mobile home plugs into the electrical box. A licensed electrical contractor will be required if any wiring must be done to connect the mobile home. The electrician will call in for inspection when ready. If owner/tenant obtained the permit, he/she must request an inspection when ready. For more information, call 225-389-3213.

Plumbing Permit ($25)

Owner/tenant may apply for permit. Owner must call for inspection when ready. If a licensed plumbing contractor obtains the permit, he/she must call requesting inspection when ready. Water must be on for the plumbing inspection. For more information, call 225-389-3230.

HVAC Permit ($25)

A permit is required if an A/C unit is connected. A licensed HVAC contractor will be required to obtain permit, and call for the inspection when ready. For more information, call 225-389-3217.

sewer treatment

If an individual sewer treatment plant is required, or approval of an existing unit, it must be approved by the Health Unit. No utilities will be connected until approved by the Health Unit. Documentation from the Health Unit will be required before a permit is issued. Owner must bring the "Certification by Installer" form to the EBR Parish Health Unit before a final inspection will be made. You can call the Health Unit at 225-242-4870 for more information.