Parking Ticket Collections

Payment or Appearance in City Court

A parking violation should be paid immediately through City Court. For information on how to pay a parking ticket, if you have not missed your court date, please contact the City Court. Please view the City-Parish ordinances 11:405-11:411 for an explanation of the fees, fines, interest, and penalties that may be assessed on parking violations. 

Payment to the Parish Attorney’s Office

If you missed your court date and a judgment has been rendered against you, the ticket is transferred to collections. At that time, the ticket can only be paid through the Parish Attorney’s Office. When our office receives judgments from City Court, we send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle that received the parking ticket. Violators have 60 days to submit payment to our office. In order to pay your parking ticket through our office we will need the following information:

  • Date of letter sent by Parish Attorney’s office
  • Date of violation
  • License plate of the vehicle
  • Name of the registered owner of the vehicle
  • PK number

Submit a Payment

Payments may be made by check or money order, made payable to the City of Baton Rouge. Please note your PK number on your payment. The payments may be made in person or by mail to the following address:

Parish Attorney’s Office
Attention: Collections
222 Saint Louis Street
Suite 902
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

If you would like to dispute your ticket you may do so, in writing, by emailing Parking Ticket Collections or calling 225-389-3114. You may be asked to provide documentation of vehicle registration, handicapped license information, or any other information necessary in order to investigate the dispute.

Transfer of Debt to the Office of Debt Recovery

Failure to pay within the 60-day time period will result in the debt being transferred to the Louisiana Office of Debt Recovery (ODR), which may subject you to an additional collection fee of up to 25% of the total debt. Please view La. R.S 47:1676 (E) for an explanation of the additional collection fee. ODR will also file a claim with the United States Treasury Offset Program, which could result in the payment of the delinquent debt via any income tax refund to which you might be entitled. ODR has additional collection tools including but not limited to suspension of any professional license held by the violator, bank levy and wage garnishment.

If your ticket has been sent to the Office of Debt Recovery with the State of Louisiana and you have received a letter from that office, please direct all inquiries regarding payment to them. The number to that office is 844-330-6176.