Fee Type
Plan Review $60, single family residential
Commercial $0.04 per square foot, $70 minimum
Flood Zone Determination $15
Fire Department Inspection $25, in city limits
Landscape Inspection $50, new commercial buildings and additions
Alcoholic Beverage Control
View the alcoholic beverage control page.

Building Permit

Residential Permit & Commercial Permit

Minimum Residential and Commercial Permit Fees are $60. Other fees include:

  • For valuations less than or equal to $100,000, the fee shall be $3 per thousand dollars.
  • For valuations greater than $100,000 through $500,000, the fee shall be $300 plus $2 per thousand above $100,000
  • For valuations greater than $500,000 the fee shall be $1,100 dollars plus $1.50 per thousand above $500,000

Credit Card Fee

Application for payment of permits with a credit card (5% fee charged)

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